Pure Silicone Marseillaise weight belt (stainless steel)

The Freediving Planet weight belt is made of very durable silicone with a top quality stainless steel Maresillaise buckle.
The silicone is slightly more stretchy than rubber, and has the advantages of being resistant to UV, ozone, heat, salt, chlorine and solvents. 
The belt comes in a mesh bag to protect it. 

Technical specifications:

• Length: 1.35 m
• Width: 46 mm
• Thickness: 5.0 mm
• Max. Elongation (break point): 392%
• Tensile strength: 11.4 N/mm²
• Tearing Strength / Strength at Break: 33.4 N/cm
• Specific Gravity: 1.151
• Working Temperature Range: -60°C to +315°C
• Available colors: White and Orange

Made in Korea

55.90 $
55.90 $
Feet length in mm :
Feet width in mm :
Blade angle :
Line color :
Foot circumference :
Foot pocket :
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    50 Pure Silicone weight belt (stainless steel Marseillaise buckle)

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