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'Never Freedive alone - Always Freedive with an experimented Buddy'
If you Freedive with a line (rope freediving) ALWAYS use a Freediving Planet Lanyard, even for depth as shallow as 10m.
The Evolution 5  is the new model of our famous Freediving Planet safety lanyard. The upgraded and new design has been made after gathering comments from top athletes and lanyards users. 
Here are some of the improvements of our Evolution 5:
  • The u-shackle connection has been improved and designed for better safety. 
  • The nylon strap is more durable.
  • The Evolution 5 offers less drag along the cable, and comes with a thinner neopren strap.
  • The Cable is now available in two lengths, we offer now a shorter cable of 80cm

  • 80 or 90 centimeter length cable
  • Light and comfortable neoprene strap for ankle or wrist
  • Bright yellow quick release strip
  • Optimized carabiner connection to the cord
  • Light tough carabiner (Marine grade CE Mark Aluminum)
  • Flexible attachment between the cord and the neoprene strap
  • Reduced cable drag along the rope
  • Strong and durable cord
  • Small and Light D-ring
  • Weight : ~ 180 grs for the Aluminium carabiner lanyard
55 $
55 $
Feet length in mm :
Feet width in mm :
Blade angle :
Line color :
Foot circumference :
Foot pocket :
Options :

      Type Stock Price Reference
    Aluminum Carabiner 2 55.00 $ 55.00 $ LANYARD – AL 

    This product is no longer available.

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